Global sex trade crisis

A crucial revelation during my research was that without fail, in country after country, the retail price of a commercial sex act was decreasing -- in most countries by more than 50 percent across the last decade -- due to the increased use of slaves.

The world recently learned that a year-old American aid worker named Kayla Mueller, captured by ISIS in and subsequently killed, was repeatedly raped by the head of ISIS during her one-and-a-half years in captivity.

They varied from 1. Regions where these abuses were most prevalent represented the most active origin areas of trafficked sex slaves. The more farcical a debt becomes, the more the bonded laborer is actually a forced laborer.

Trafficking of Nigerian women into prostitution in Europe 'at crisis level'

As many as 4, Yazidi women and girls, a religious minority in Northern Iraq, are currently estimated to be imprisoned by ISIS as sex slaves. Like activists in North Dakota, Equality Now has had successes: The sexual exploitation that undergirds the industry is perpetrated by two key players: Acquisition of sex slaves primarily occurs in one of five ways: Exploitation of trafficked sex slaves primarily refers to the violent coercion of uncompensated sex services, though in essence, exploitation begins the moment the slave is acquired.

These historic supply-side drivers were sharply exacerbated in the post-Cold War era by the impact of economic globalization, which during the s wreaked havoc on transition economies, increased rural poverty levels, caused the evaporation of crucial social safety nets, and catalyzed mass migration trends that traffickers exploited with shrewd efficiency.

We call it tradition. The first is brothels.

An Online Epidemic: The Inseparable Link Between Porn & Trafficking (Infographic)

They are similarly coerced to work through the menace of a penalty, though without the initial ruse of a contract predicated on repayment of borrowed assets. Assuming that criminals are rational economic agents, it's reasonable to expect that they will flock to the opportunity to generate immense profits at almost no cost and risk.

TVPA, prosecution and conviction of sex-slave exploiters remains uncommon due in large part to confusion over the definition of trafficking, corruption in law enforcement and judicial systems, lack of international cooperation in investigating and prosecuting trafficking crimes, lack of specific and sustained law-enforcement focus on trafficking crimes, and insufficient human rights protections for trafficking survivors and their families, whose testimony is required to convict the offenders.

When I asked these women why they thought men treated them so poorly, their answers invariably presupposed the necessity of male abuse of females. To downplay the role of either is a failure to grasp the basic dynamic of human trafficking.

One crucial point that must be established first is that slavery, by which I mean an individual held captive and coerced to perform labor or service with nominal or no compensation, still exists. Using data I gathered in several countries, I constructed several demand curves for sex services at establishments that exploited victims of sex trafficking.

One crucial point that must be established first is that slavery, by which I mean an individual held captive and coerced to perform labor or service with nominal or no compensation, still exists.

The Demand Factor in the Global Sex Trade: Human Trafficking as a Human Rights Crisis

At the same time, definitions of the term "human trafficking" -- such as can be found in the United Nations Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons the Palermo Protocol of or the U. Along with this influx of workers has come an uptick in problems, specifically trafficking of women.

Such an economic assessment of risk is crucial, because at its essence, sex slavery, like all forms of slavery, is also an economic crime: However, we do not have to rely on supply-side measures alone to severely impact, if not virtually abolish, sex trafficking as well as all other forms of slavery.

Across the decades, international conventions and jurisprudence relating to slavery shifted away from targeting ownership toward instead targeting the actual nature of the exploitation, particularly as involves coercion physical or othernominal or no compensation, and the absence of freedom of movement.

As a result, total operating costs are substantially reduced, allowing the slave owner to lower retail prices. Many women told me that fleeing from these abuses is what delivered them into the hands of sex traffickers. The result has been an elevated tactical prioritization on cross-border migration rather than on the purpose of trafficking: By removing criminality along with the associated stigma, buyers experience few consequences and thus perpetuate their actions.

In the course of 10 years of research across 18 countries, I have directly interviewed more than slaves of all kinds, and some of the most heartbreaking tales I heard were those narrated by women and children who suffered years of sexual enslavement at the hands of traffickers and pimps.

A brief discussion of the supply side of the industry should make the point.

The Demand Factor in the Global Sex Trade: Human Trafficking as a Human Rights Crisis

It should be no surprise that sex services are highly elastic. Yet, the buyer is often viewed through a lens of tolerance or even ignored, his actions tempered by cultural permissiveness or protected by outright legalization.

The up-front costs of acquisition and movement are minimal compared to the immense profits that can be enjoyed in step three -- exploitation. Equality Now indicates that there is much work to be done. The Guardian - Back to home.

The trafficking of Nigerian women from Libya to Italy by boat is reaching “crisis” levels, Escaping the sex trade.

From Iraq to North Dakota: The Global Sex-Trafficking Crisis

We can’t afford to stay silent on the harms of sexual exploitation and porn’s connection to the global sex trafficking crisis.

Stopping the demand starts with every person deciding not to contribute to the problem. Be a part of the solution and fight for real love. What YOU Can Do. The global sex trade crisis is a serious problem in today’s society. Sex trading has been going on in the world for thousands of years.

What is so surprising is that today over million people are victims of sex trading each year. Indiana Journal of Political Science, Winter /, 7 An Analysis of Global Sex Trafficking Cheryl O’Brien Purdue University Sex trafficking has various causes, and this article discusses some of its complexities and analyzes policies in relation to the sex trade.

The economic crisis is in turn driving a deepening global employment crisis. Among the harshest effects of increasing global job scarcity is an increase in people entering the global sex industry, an overwhelming majority of whom are women and girls. Announcement.

Please join the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission for a briefing on how the demand for commercial sex fuels the global human trafficking industry, perpetuating a human rights crisis. International sex trafficking represents a serious human rights crisis affecting millions of people, primarily women and girls.

From Iraq to North Dakota: The Global Sex-Trafficking Crisis Global sex trade crisis
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