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As divisional supply petty officer, he maintains and manages the line division inventory and requisition of all needed supplies to perform aircraft wash and administrative functions.

My number one Yeoman. Trained inexperienced personnel thoroughly and expeditiously, increasing maintenance capability of workcenter and significantly improving material condition of aircraft. Class advisor to 4 students through a grueling day syllabus which directly contributing to the completion of 21, flight and simulator hours, facilitating the graduation of Fleet Replacement Squadron pilots and aircrewmen.

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Can be relied upon to safely and accurately supervise and complete all tasks. He continually evaluates his own performance and strives to exceed every standard.

Ranked 1 of 5 highly competitive ITs. IT1 Smith is the most productive and capable Petty Officer assigned.


Aggressive work habits and superior leadership skills have made an immediate impact on the workcenter. Successfully improved the maintenance training output of the work center through his extensive technical expertise and demanding, thorough training techniques.

Superior technical acumen with lead from the front style. Vigorously tackles any assignment. Contributed significantly to the commands superlative mission accomplishment and safety posture. Trained all command training team members as facilitators for the command navy rights and responsibilities workshops.

Contributed to the commands unprecedented safety record and was instrumental in the commands receipt of a second CNO aviation safety award for 29 years of mishap-free operations. Superbly managed a 7 million dollar IMRL allowance.

Provided invaluable assistance to central technical publications librarian resulting in zero discrepancies during a recent atkwinglant inspection.


Possessed an unsurpassed level of knowledge, organizational prowess, and a mature understanding of personnel dynamics and management. Led the Command through 2 Department of Defense Equal Opportunity Surveys, including the scheduling, briefing, and interviewing of personnel and spearheaded the Executive Summary for 3rd Fleet approval.

Phenomenal Sailor; surpassed every expectation in training and duty performance; is overdue for promotion to Chief. Hand-picked to lead the phase inspection workcenter. Although not in charge, he knows the daily status of every program and always has the answers before I ask.

The requirement to follow this format and address the topics required by each section derives from evolving Navy tradition and methodology rather than published guidance.

The cornerstone of the workcenters training program. A top notch sailor whose performance has been superb. Flawlessly managed calibrated precision measuring equipment pme program. Eval(Object, String, String) Eval(Object, String, String) Eval(Object, String, String) Eval(Object, String, String) Evaluates data-binding expressions at run time and formats the result as a string.

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Remarks. #1 of 2 OUTSTANDING CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS DESPITE SHORT TIME ONBOARD AN IMPACT TEAM PLAYER! Petty Officer McMurry brings a motivating, self-starter attitude with a dedication to her duties and peers that makes her a highly valued member of the security team.

Writing a Navy Eval. The effectiveness and quality of your annual evaluation depends on much more than the Comments on Performance block. Your actions and preparation over the previous year are the most critical component because without them, there would be nothing to write about!

Eval Helper Essays: OverEval Helper Essays, Eval Helper Term Papers, Eval Helper Research Paper, Book Reports. ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Eval Bullets (Perf.) Expertly directed seven technicians in the launch maintenance control, resulting in a 20% increase in on-time take offs, a 92% sortie completion rate and enhanced day shift productivity.

Eval Bullets (Actual) These bullets are generated from site users contributions. To help build this site just leave a comment below with your bullets (minus the names and commands) and we will add your contributions to our eval bullet library.

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